421 Pizza Oven

Wisco 421 Pizza Oven- Making Tasty and Delicious Meals
Wisco 421 oven is one kitchen appliance that gives you simple time and energy when it comes to cooking great tasting pizza right in your home or office. The Wisco 421 digital oven unit is a counter top pizza oven with an LED feature that gives you a chance to peep on the progress of your Pizza. The oven is made with durable materials that can easily blend with your counter top designs.

Features of Wisco 421 Oven
• Thermostat-This pizza oven has the adjustable thermostat at around 150 to 500 degrees in 25 degree increments giving the owner the power to set the thermostat according to their purpose. The adjustable thermostat lets you attend to other activities as the food to cook.

• Electronic LED display
The digital LED display features allows you to automatically set the pizza oven at 450°F for ten minutes making it ideal for frozen pizza. The rotary dial structure is designed to permit the user to set the time by a dialing a switch. You can use the 421 digital ovens for baking pizza or preparing sandwich making this machine quite versatile.

• Removable Tray
The 421 digital pizza comes with a detachable oven tray makes it easy to clean the dirt in the comfort of your sink. The removable tray does not rust.

• Heating Elements
It uses 1500 watts and 120 volts cooking power making it fit the kitchen power requirements, it also has a long life heating elements of Carload giving you value for its price and extended services.

• Design
It has a design of flip-up handle making it easy to store in your kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of Wisco 421 digital pizza oven

• The price for this oven is incredible, making it affordable to many people who love home cooked pizza. Also, you enjoy free shipping.
• It is versatile since you can use it to reheat frozen pizza, baking, sandwiches, bruschettas and other kinds of dishes.
• It has an LED display giving you the chance to check out your meal as it cooks and preventing it from getting burned or overcooking.
• It is easy to use: The 421 digital pizza oven comes with structures that are easy to understand even for kids who love cooking. It also makes you get creative.
• It is light in weight making it sit comfortably on your kitchen counter top, and it is only 19 pounds with inches of 18x15x7.8.
The Wisco 421 Pizza is what you need for frozen pizza, fresh pizza, and other dishes. It is versatile, classy and functions quite well without making your kitchen hot.

Wisco 421 Pizza Oven

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This is not your typical pizza oven. With one simple push, your 421 pizza oven digital display is set for 10 minutes at 450°F. Need more or less time at a different temperature? Not a problem! Our new rotary dial design allows you to easily set it at what you need with just a turn of the dial. Did we mention it does more than just pizza? Get creative! You’ll be amazed at what you can make in the 421 digital pizza oven.

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          • Opening 3" x 13"
          • LED Display
          • Removable clean out tray
          • Adjustable thermostat-25 degree increments (150 degrees to 500 degrees F)
          • Quick one-touch setting 450 degrees for 10 minutes
          • Flip up handle design for easy storage
          • 120 Volts 12.5 Amps 1500 Watts 
          • 7.75" H x 18" W x 15" D